“अपनी ‘ज़िंदगी’ मे हर किसी को ‘अहमियत’ दीजिये…”
क्योकी जो ‘अच्छे’ होंगे वो ‘साथ’ देंगे… और
जो ‘बुरे’ होंगे वो ‘सबक’ देंगे….!!!!


The evening was worst for me, due to one my best friend was neglecting me. I was literally crying and sobbing. It was second time when i was crying after coming to college. It was mine craziness as there was no such strong reason for this.

I am a emotional and innocent guy who behave like a child. Always think rational and take the things in easy way.

Finally the friendship broke at 7:40 P.M. I am now afraid to have a friendship because always you will be cheated.

No body understand your feelings.

Please if you are reading this once see me as crying and forgive me.

Still weeping….Koi to aanshu puche….



Sun becomes cruel in the month of may specially in north-west India. I was spending my summer vacations at my home which is situated in the desert of Rajasthan. It was May 26 I had to come back my college (the second home and the Jannat) IIT Kharagpur. I was suffering from the financial crisis, but I managed to get the money enough for railway ticket and for a normal spending on food. The temperature was around 46 degrees, I went to one restaurant at New Delhi railway station to eat something.
I wanted to make an order of around the 100 rupees as I already explained I didn’t have sufficient money. I shocked when the manager asked me to pay 200 rupees, I replied “what?”. Sometimes it happened when you travelled a journey of 6 hours at 46 degree temperature. Actually, he thought I gave an order of full plate, I requested him to give half plate orders. Instead of giving the order he replied “yaha se bhago (run away)”. It was insulting to me as I never heard these words in the last few years.
It reminded me my childhood days as it was normal for me in childhood. I had my train after one hour. I sat on the footpath in front of the New Delhi railway station, it was the time for me to think about the those poor and needy people who do not have sufficient food and face daily the same situation as I had faced. I entered at the railway station before 30 minutes of departure of the train. I was stunned after seeing the crowd on the platform. Actually, I have the waiting ticket as it was a sudden plan to go back to college. I was thinking to enter in the train at the end, but after seeing that much crowd in the each compartment of the train, I decided to enter early. The sleeper couch was occupied worse than the general class. Somehow I manage to make a small space so that I can stand there. Suddenly one guy started occupying the whole space forcefully, he crossed his limit when he pushed some passenger to make the space. The train was full of passengers one was unable to go in another compartment. I was making plans to get a sheet from the TTE before half one hour, now I was thinking about getting a sufficient space to stand there. It was very difficult for everybody in the train to tolerate the heat. Two passengers from codec had to left half luggage at the station even if they have the confirmed ticket. They have one steel box and one quilt. Now both steel box and the quilt became the sheet for the other passengers. I quickly occupied one of the corners of the box which was placed in the way of going to another compartment. We people normally avoid to use the toilet of Indian railway as we all know they are very dirty and smelly. But now no toilet was vacant, they were occupied by the passenger. If somebody willing to go toilet, it was not allowed. It all happened due to a train accident which happened one day before near Allahabad.
So one mistake of the responsible person of railway makes the life of thousands peoples difficult.
This situation was up to the Kanpur railway station, where I was able to enter into the compartment and get a space to stand.

The Physiotherapist girl


was sitting in front of my laptop waiting for a reply, its very hard to wait for hearing a few words from your love.The message was from a girl whom i recently searched as it was the routine of our life in college.One of mine new friend who was expert in searching new girl on facebook named Mohit told me about this girl. you know when you are in your initial phase of your life its very hard to recognise what is wrong and what is right.

The enthusiasm, curiosity about new things are two common factors among all the first year.

I was the boy who never touched the keyboard in its school days before coming to IIT. I spent my first semester  trying to enjoy the new world of technology. I spent the whole semester in watching the old Hindi movies as i was not aware about the vast Hollywood world. At the end of my first semester i came to know only 10 people in the campus.

Its the month of January, the month which bring a new hope in your mind. All of us swear to do this that in upcoming next year,obviously i also vowed to extend my friend circle in the campus.It was difficult to me take a breath in my room as it was occupied by my room-mates and their friends. They used to come for gossip in their on regional language. I was innocent in this regard and i tolerated them up to 15 days. one night i was frustrated and hence decided to spent the night in other room. I went to at one of mine new friend’room. He introduced me to his room-mates. I said “hello” to all of them.  I started to describe my shitty life due to lacking new and interesting things in life. My friend’s room-mates (Mohit) told me to spent the night in his room. He asked about me.

He asked “where r u from?

me:Sikar, rajasthan

Mohit:I am also from udaipur

Me: badiya (good)

He started to talk about the girls ,suddenly he asked me to open my facebook account.

I opened my Facebook account, he searched the girl (priya bhadana). Then he started to describe her beauty. It was my first experience of searching the unknown girl.He told me to text me to her. I liked the girl.

I told him about my fear to message a unknown girl,

girl. He gave me a good and quite influencing speech which was sufficient to give courage to text her.

I even was not having any idea what to write to her. We remained in thinking mood for short while.

Then he told me to search the synonyms of the word “beautiful”.I searched it and then copied and pasted to message box.The first line was about me and the rest line as i told copied from Google.

The first line was written by me and the rest lines as I mentioned were copied from Google. Now the moment came to press the Enter button. I was totally feared now, I asked him whether this is correct or not. I could literally hear my heart pumping that day. He just told me two words “Peace maar” (nothing is wrong) and finally I pressed the button.

To be continued…

thank you: